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2017 Publications

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Schaefer, L., Fegley, B., Jr. 2017, Redox states of initial atmospheres outgassed on rocky planets and planetesimals. ApJ 843, id120 (18pp).

Gomez Martin, J.C., Bones, D.L., Carillo-Sanchez, J.D., James, A.D., Trigo-Rodriguez, J.M., Fegley, B., Jr., Plane, J.M.C. 2017, Novel experimental simulations of the atmospheric injection of meteoritic metals. ApJ, 836, id212 (26 pp). Abstract

Costa, G.C.C., Jacobson, N.S., Fegley, B., Jr. 2017, Vaporization and Thermodynamics of Forsterite-Rich Olivine and some Implications for Silicate Atmospheres of Hot Rocky Exoplanets. Icarus 289, 42-55. Abstract

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