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September 12, 2016

2016 Pubications

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Haenecour, P., Floss, C., Jose, J., Amari, S., Lodders, K., Jadhav, M., Wang, A., Gyngard, F. 2016 Discovery of Presolar Graphite From CO Nova Ejecta, ApJ, 825, 88(9pp)…825…88H

Fegley, B. Jacobson, N.S., Williams, K.B., Plane, J.M.C., Schaefer, L., Lodders, K. 2016 Solubility of Rock in Steam Atmospheres of Planets, Astroph. J., 824, 103(29pp)…824..103F

Kite, E.S., Fegley, B., Jr., Schaefer, L., Gaidos, E. (2016) Atmosphere-Interior Exchange on Hot Rocky Exoplanets. ApJ, 828:80 (20 pp). Abstract

Pahlevan, K., Karato, S.I., Fegley, B., Jr. (2016) Speciation and dissolution of hydrogen in the proto-lunar disk. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 445, 104-113. Abstract

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