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September 12, 2016

2014 Publications

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Fegley, B., Jr. (2014) Venus, chapter 2.7 In Meteorites, Comets, and Planets (ed. A. M. Davis) Treatise on Geochemistry (eds. H. D. Holland and K. K. Turekian), Elsevier Science, 2nd ed.

Fegley, B., Jr. and Schaefer, L. (2014) Chemistry of the Earth’s Earliest Atmosphere, chapter 6.3 In The Atmosphere – History (ed., J. Farquhar, D. Canfield, and J. Kasting), Treatise on Geochemistry, (eds. H. D. Holland and K. K. Turekian), Elsevier Science, 2nd ed.

Freedman, R.S., Lustig-Yaeger, J., Fortney, J.J., Lupu, R.E., Marley, M.S., Lodders, K. 2014, Gaseous mean opacities for giant planet and ultracool dwarf atmospheres over a range of metallicities and temperatures. Astrophys. J. Suppl., 214, AID 25…25F

Morley, C.V., Marley, M.S., Fortney, J.J., Lupu, R., Saumon, D., Greene, T., Lodders, K. 2014, Water clouds in Y dwarfs and exoplanets. Astroph. J., 787, AID 78, 21pp,…787…78M

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