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September 12, 2016

2012 Publications

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Schaefer, L., Lodders, K., Fegley, B. 2012, Vaporization of the Earth: Application to Exoplanet Atmospheres. Astrophys. J., 755, article ID 4, 16 pp.  2011arXiv1108.4660S

Leggett, S. K., Saumon, D., Marley, M. S., Lodders, K., Canty, J., Lucas, P., Smart, R. L., Tinney, C. G., Homeier, D., Allard, F., Burningham, Ben, Day-Jones, A., Fegley, B., Ishii, Miki, Jones, H. R. A., Marocco, F., Pinfield, D. J., Tamura, M. 2012, The properties of the 500 K dwarf UGPS J072227.51-054031.2 and a study of the far-red flux of cold brown dwarfs. Astrophys. J., 748, article ID 74


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