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2009 Publications

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L. Schaefer and B. Fegley, Jr. 2009, Chemistry of silicate atmospheres of evaporating super-Earths. ApJ Lett., 703, L113-L117. preprint revision reprint

B. F. Rauch, J. T. Link, K. Lodders, M. H. Israel, L. M. Barbier, W. R. Binns, E. R. Christian, J. R. Cummings, G. A. de Nolfo, S. Geier, R. A. Mewaldt, J. W. Mitchell, S. M. Schindler, L. M. Scott, E. C. Stone, R. E. Streitmatter, C. J. Waddington, M. E. Wiedenbeck, 2009, Cosmic-ray origin in OB associations and preferential acceleration of refractory elements. Evidence from abundances of elements 26Fe through 34S. ApJ, 697, 2083-2088. reprint

K. Zahnle, M. S. Marley, K. Lodders, J. J. Fortney, 2009, Atmospheric sulfur photochemistry on Hot Jupiters. ApJ Letters, 701, L20-L24. reprint

K. Lodders, H. Palme, H.-P. Gail 2009, Abundances of the elements in the solar system. In: Landolt-Börnstein, New Series, Vol. VI/4B, Chap. 4.4, J. E. Trumper (ed.), Springer Verlag, Berlin. 560-630. reprint

M. A. Bautista, C. Ballance, T. R. Gull, H. Hartman, K. Lodders, M. Martinez, M. Melendez, 2009, Scandium and chromium in the strontium filament in the homunculus of eta Carinae. Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 393, 1503-1512. reprint

A. J. Burgasser, J. Bloom, K. Cruz, M. Cushing, S. Leggett, K. Lodders, A. Mainzer, M. Marley, S. Mertchev, S. Mohanty, B. Oppenheimer, A. West. 2009, Toward the End of Stars: Discovering the Galaxy’s Coldest Brown Dwarfs. White Paper to the National Academy of Sciences Astro-2010 Decadal Review Committee. reprint.

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