2007 Publications

S. Amari, and K. Lodders. Presolar grains from supernovae and novae. In Highlights of Astronomy, Vol. 14, as presented at the IAU XXVI General Assembly, 2006, Cambridge University Press, pp.349-352. reprint

D. Saumon, M. S. Marley, S. K. Leggett, T. R. Geballe, D. Stephens, D. A. Golimowski, M. C. Cushing, X. Fan, J. T. Rayner, K. Lodders, R. S. Freedman. Physical parameters of two very cool T dwarfs. ApJ, 656, 1136-1149.  reprint

L. Schaefer and B. Fegley, Jr. Outgassing of Ordinary Chondritic Material and Some of its Implications for the Chemistry of Asteroids, Planets, and Satellites. Icarus, 186, 462-483. reprint

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