2006 Publications

C. Visscher, K. Lodders, B. Fegley, Jr. 2006, Atmospheric chemistry in giant planets, brown dwarfs, and low-mass dwarf stars. II. Sulfur and phosphorus. ApJ, 648, 1181-1195. reprint

K. Lodders 2006, They came from the deep in the supernova: The origin of TiC and metal subgrains in presolar graphite grains. ApJ, 647, L37-L40. reprint

D. Saumon, M. S. Marley, M. C. Cushing, S. K. Leggett, L. T. Roellig, K. Lodders, R. S. Freedman 2006, Ammonia as a tracer of chemical equilibrium in the T7.5 dwarf Gliese 570D. ApJ, 647, 552-557. reprint

M.A. Bautista, H. Hartman, T.R. Gull, N. Smith, K. Lodders 2006, [Ti II] and [Ni II] emission from the strontium filament of h Carinae. Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 370, 1991-2003. reprint

J.J. Fortney, M.S. Marley, D. Saumon, K. Lodders, R.S. Freedman, 2006, Comparative planetary atmospheres: Models of HD 209458b, TrES-1, and HD 149026b. in Colloq. Proc.: Tenth Anniversary of 51 Peg-b: Status of and prosphects for hot Jupiter studies, (L. Arnold, F. Bouchy, C. Moutou, eds.) Frontier Group, Paris, p. 234-241.

J.J. Fortney, D. Saumon, M.S. Marley, K. Lodders, R.S. Freedman 2006, Atmosphere, interior, and evolution of the metal-rich transiting planet HD149026B. ApJ, 642, 495-504. reprint

K. Lodders and B. Fegley, Jr. 2006, Chemistry of Low Mass Substellar Objects. In: Astrophysics Update 2 (J.W. Mason, ed.) Praxis Publishing: Chichester, UK; pp. 1-28. preprint

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