2004 Publications

K. Lodders.Brown Dwarfs: Faint at Heart, Rich in Chemistry. Science, 303, 323-324. reprint

J. José, M. Hernanz, S. Amari, K. Lodders, and E. Zinner, The imprint of nucleosynthesis in presolar grains.Astrophys. J., 612, 414-428. reprint

K. Lodders.Jupiter Formed with More Tar than Ice, ApJ, 611, 587-597. reprint

K. Lodders.Revised and updated thermochemical properties of the gases mercapto (HS), disulfur monoxide (S2O), thiazyl (NS), and thioxophosphino (PS), J. Phys. Chem. Ref. Data, 33, 357-367. reprint

B. Fegley, Jr. Atmospheric Evolution of Venus, in Encyclopedia of Paleoclimatology and Ancient Enviroments, (V. Gornitz, Ed.), submitted, Kluwer. preprint

L. Schaefer and B. Fegley.A Thermodynamic Model of High Temperature Lava Vaporization on Io, Icarus, 169, 216-241.reprint

L. Schaefer and B. Fegley.Heavy Metal Frost on Venus, Icarus, 168, 215-219. reprint

B. Fegley, Jr.Chapter 21. Venus, pp. 487-507.In Meteorites, Comets, and Planets (e.d. A.M. Davis) Vol. 1 Treatise on Geochemistry (Turekian, K.K. and Holland, H.D., eds.) Elsevier-Pergamon, Oxford.reprint

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