2003 Publications

J. Kargel, R. Carlson, A. Davies, B. Fegley, Jr., A. Gillespie, R. Greeley, R. Howell, K. L. Jessup, L. Kamp, L. Keszthelyi, R. Lopes, T. MacIntyre, F. Marchis, A McEwen, M. Milazzo, J. Perry, J. Radebaugh, L. Schaefer, N. Schmerr, W. Smythe, J. Spencer, D. Williams, J. Zhang, and M. Zolotov 2003, Extreme Volcanism on Io: Latest Insights at the End of Galileo Era. Eos, 84, 313, 318. reprint

N. M. Johnson and B. Fegley 2003, Tremolite Decomposition on Venus. II. Products, Kinetics, and Mechanism. Icarus 164, 317-333. reprint

N. M. Johnson and B. Fegley 2003, Longevity of Fluorine-bearing Tremolite on Venus, Icarus 165, 340-348. reprint

K. Lodders 2003, Solar System Abundances and Condensation Temperatures of the Elements. Astrophys. J. 591, 1220-1247. reprint, Table 1, Table 2, Table 3, Table 6, Table 8, Table 9

Cosmochemical Periodic Table of the Elements in the Solar System(PDF file)

M. Marley, A. Ackerman, A. Burgasser, D. Saumon, K. Lodders, and R. Freedman 2003, Clouds and Clearings in the Atmospheres of the L and T Dwarfs. IAU Symposium 211(Brown Dwarfs), 333-344. reprint

D. Saumon, M. S. Marley, K. Lodders, and R. S. Freedman 2003, Non-equilibrium chemistry in the atmospheres of brown dwarfs. IAU Symposium 211(Brown Dwarfs), 345-353. reprint

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