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1994 Publications

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M. K. Shepard, R. E. Arvidson, R. A. Brackett, and B. Fegley, Jr. A Ferroelectric Model for the Low Emissivity Highlands on Venus. Geophys. Res. Lett. 21, 469-472. reprint

B. Fegley Jr. and K. Lodders. Chemical Models of the Deep Atmospheres of Jupiter and Saturn. Icarus 110, 117-154. reprint

K. Lodders and B. Fegley, Jr. The Origin of Carbon Monoxide in Neptune’s Atmosphere. Icarus 112, 368-375. reprint

R. E. Arvidson, M. K. Shepard, R. A. Brackett, N. R. Izenberg, B. Fegley, Jr., and J. J. Plaut. Microwave Signatures and Surface Properties of Ovda Regio and Surroundings, Venus. Icarus 112, 171-186. reprint

J. S. Kargel, R. L. Kirk, B. Fegley, Jr., and A. Treiman. Carbonate-Sulfate Volcanism on Venus? Icarus 112, 219-252. reprint

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