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Fegley, 29 May 2019, Outgassing Processes Workshop: Chemistry of Silicate Vapor and Steam Atmospheres during Formation of the Earth and Moon

Lodders, 27 May 2019, Outgassing Processes Workshop: Gas and Condensation Chemistry in Astronomical Environments

Fegley, 31 August 2017, Washington University: Chemistry During Formation of the Earth and Moon

Lodders 2012, Mapping Oxygen in the Universe: Constraints on the solar oxygen abundance from meteorites, planets, and other planetary objects



Periodic Table of the Elements with Solar System Abundances and 50% Condensation Temperatures from a Cooling Solar Composition Gas (Data from Lodders 2003, Astrophysical Journal, and Lodders, Palme, Gail 2009, Landolt Boernstein)


A Poster About Solar System Abundances and Why Knowing the Composition of Our Sun is Important



2012 Mapping Oxygen in the Universe Meeting Announcement Poster



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