Katharina Lodders

Katharina Lodders

Dr. Katharina Lodders received her Ph.D. in 1991 from Johannes Gutenberg-Universität and Max-Planck-Institut für Chemie in Mainz, Germany. Her primary research interests are about the evolution of the solar system. Answers about solar system evolution require consideration of all physical and chemical evidence seen in the planets, meteorites, asteroids, and comets, since their histories are connected. Her work includes aspects from astronomy, cosmochemistry, and planetary science, ranging from planetary core formation and solar nebula chemistry, to dust formation around stars.

Current Research Interests

  • Experimental and theoretical studies in planetary science and cosmochemistry
  • Modeling of chemical processes in the solar nebula
  • The formation of meteorite parent bodies
  • Planetary accretion and differentiation processes
  • The formation of presolar dust grains in cool star atmospheres

Recent Publications

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e-mail: lodders@levee.wustl.edu