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Welcome to the Planetary Chemistry Laboratory

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The Planetary Chemistry Laboratory

The Planetary Chemistry Laboratory is run by Professor Bruce Fegley, Jr. and Dr. Katharina Lodders in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis. We specialize in modeling gas and condensation chemistry in the atmospheres of the Earth, terrestrial planets and exoplanets, gas giant planets and their satellites, and cool stars. We apply principles of cosmochemistry and geochemistry to questions in (exo-)planetary sciences and meteorites. One major research theme are the solar system abundances of the chemical elements. Please look at our Research page to see what we do.

Peer-reviewed papers are available through our Publications page.

Presentations, posters, talks, and abstracts presented at conferences and meetings

Data Tables.

Our site is always under construction, so come back soon to see the updated content!

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